Artwork and overhead projections created and performed by Shary Boyle

Songs created and performed by Christine Fellows


Visual artist Shary Boyle and songwriter Christine Fellows have been collaborating since 2005, presenting wildly imaginative performances from the Canadian Arctic to Paris, France. Their performances weave together vivid narratives revealed through Boyle’s stunning, hand-animated artwork created and projected on an old-fashioned overhead projector, and Fellows’ intricately detailed songs and direct vocals backed alternately by keyboard and ukulele. Those familiar with their individual bodies of work can’t help but pick up on a remarkable sympathy; both Boyle and Fellows frequent the borderlands of human experience, moving freely between fear and wonder, grief and joy.

Their 2012 collaboration, Everything Under the Moon, premiered in a sold-out run at the Enwave Theatre at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. The Globe and Mail’s Martin Morrow hailed it, declaring: “If the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream had been tasked with creating an all-ages show, it might look and sound like Everything Under the Moon… the storytelling is utterly captivating. You emerge from this show as if waking from a dream.”

They’ll be touring their highly anticipated new collaboration, Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home, throughout 2015.