“If the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream had been tasked with creating an all-ages show, it might look and sound like Everything Under the Moon…”

Part adventure epic, part eco-cautionary tale, Everything Under the Moon, the latest and most ambitious creation by Toronto artist Shary Boyle and Winnipeg musician Christine Fellows, combines story, spectacle and song to work an essential magic, awakening us to the fragile wonder of the world.

Shary Boyle and Christine Fellows have been collaborating since 2005, presenting wildly imaginative performances from Dawson City, Yukon to Paris, France. Theirs is an artistic match made in heaven. Those familiar with their individual bodies of work can’t help but pick up on a remarkable sympathy; both Boyle and Fellows frequent the borderlands of human experience, moving freely between fear and wonder, grief and joy. The most significant—and perhaps most permeable—boundary, however, is the one that lies between the two artists themselves.

Working with cellist Alex McMaster, percussionist Ed Reifel, and projection and puppeteering assistants Emma Letki and Amy Siegel, Boyle and Fellows have created a mesmerizing theatrical work that documents the survival quest of two seemingly insignificant creatures—Idared the honeybee and Limbertwig the little brown bat. Diminutive heroines notwithstanding, this is a work of tremendous scope. Everything Under the Moon is truly a tale of all creation, played out in a land of shadows and variable, transformative light. An ambitious project indeed, and these are the right women for the job.

Boyle’s visual imagination knows no bounds. An award-winning, internationally recognized artist whose practice includes drawing, painting, sculpture and performance, she employs an ingenious array of media to get her vision across, moving dextrously from projector to stage to create a stunning montage of live drawing, puppetry and shadow play. For her part, Fellows provides a feast of sound. A highly-acclaimed singer/songwriter with five solo albums and countless interdisciplinary collaborations under her belt, Fellows has once again come up with the goods. Her score is startling in its originality, by turns lofty, playful and dark. As a performer she is note-perfect and fearless, equally adept at delighting and frightening those in her charge. The combined effect of is nothing short of hallucinatory; the adventures of Idared and Limbertwig unfold deep inside the audience’s collective mind.

The profound affinity that exists between Boyle and Fellows, Idared and Limbertwig infuses Everything Under the Moon with a rare sense of communion. Together, these four kindred souls navigate the dark dreamscape of fable, leading the way to that purest and most elusive of morals. Love thy neighbour, they remind us. Love her fiercely and faithfully, be she human, bat or bee.

Everything Under the Moon premiered in Toronto, Canada to rave reviews and sold-out audiences at Harbourfront’s Enwave Theatre in February, 2012. The show was nominated for a Dora Award for Outstanding Production (Theatre for Young Audiences Division, 2012).

Everything Under the Moon was created with support from Harbourfront’s Fresh Ground new works commissioning program, which champions the creation of exciting new interdisciplinary work geared toward children and adults alike. The production gratefully acknowledges the support of Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and Six Shooter Records.

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